Funny whatsapp status message

U can't control laughing..reading this 1...
An Illiterate sardarni in New York went to a message centre to send a msg to her mom in Punjab.
The phirangi told her it would cost $50.
She exclaimed: I don't have that much money but I will do anything to get a message to my mom in Punjab!
Man: Anything?
Sardarni: Yes!
Man: Follow me.
He went Into the next room & ordered: Come in & close the door.
She did.
Man: Get on Your knees. She did.
Man: Unzip me. She did.
Man:  Take it out- Go ahead.
She took it out & grabbed it with both hands.
The man closed his eyes.
The sardarni brought her lips closer & screamed: Hellooo..
bebe tenu awaj aa ri hai? main polli bol ri aan!